$500 | Contemporary Prints


Submit By:  05/16/2019

Review Period: 1 week

Creator Selection: 05/23/2019


Editable file(.tiff) must be provided within 24 hours of creator selection. Additional revisions may be required. Artwork is fully owned by brand owner once payment is made. 


- 3 different prints/artwork

(1) An all over print

(2) A placement print

(3) A scarf print

- Submit in repeat and/or half-drop if needed

- Must be original created artwork

- Artwork to scale with rulers

- Color chips in Pantone colors

- Pixel requirement for print:

1500 pixels (width) by 600 pixels (height)

Before Submission, make sure you follow the below file requirements. 

- File name must follow below format:

RTWartwork_your first initial name_your last name_Print_number
E.g.: RTWartwork_E_Smith_Print_1


Upload size: 

- must be 10MB or smaller in total.

- Acceptable file formats to submit:
  - Jpeg (.jpg) 

  - Adobe (.pdf)

- Artwork Inspiration (if any were used)

- All deliverables must be included in the submission as they are final.

*By submitting to this opportunity you are representing and warranting your artwork is original.​

*Your submitted work will only be visible to the specific retailer, but you will be updated where you stand in the process.

*If your work is not selected, it goes back and belongs to you.