Our GOATS BOPP was a huge success leading to multiple Creators being selected! Take a look at some of their quotes that inspire BASHI to continue evolving and read more below:

Emir shares his experience designing furniture pieces for our BOPP with ELLE DECOR. 

What caught your interest in participating in this BOPP?

Actually, it's really hard to find some refined opportunities with interesting challenges nowadays. Let's take this opportunity; it's from ELLE DECOR, the most popular design and decoration magazine/media in the world. Challenge was creating a brand new design. And the platform that provides this opportunity for us is BASHI. The freshest platform/community for freelancers, designers to bloom, show themselves and their capabilities to the biggest companies. As a result, all that remains is to participate!

Read below Rebecca's thoughts on what she thinks of our BOPP details! 

What caught your interest in participating in this BOPP?

The first thing that caught my attention was actually overall view of the brand and products. I really liked the aesthetics of the images from the post. The other thing that caught my interest was the price. It was a fair price for the work, something that is rare in freelance platforms.

Sean John's BOPP turned out fierce graphics from our Creator Community! Read about who they selected and their creative journey using BASHI:

Fashion Designer Anna gave us her thoughts on being a selected Creator, view more below!

What caught your interest in participating in this BOPP?

This particular project suited my skill set and I knew it wouldn't take too much time to complete the brief. It also gave me the opportunity to practise my CAD skills and during this particular project I developed my print design skills too.

Kathleen gives her unique perspective on being selected for this BOPP, checkout below!

What type of Opportunities would you be interested in seeing from Brands & Retailers?

I am of course interested in seeing more prints and textiles opportunities as that's where my expertise lays. I would also love to see more opportunities for graphics, logo, and packaging for hard and soft goods, as well as for digital medias. I have always been interested in all fields of design so I'm really open to any opportunity that could challenge me to think past what I know or to encourage me to brush up and take on new skills.  

Huge thanks to one of our BASHI Creators - Emma Rubinson

An up-and-coming Fashion Designer, who submitted work to this Opportunity enjoyed the early bird incentive with feedback from the Brand on her submission. Emma has been passionate about fashion design since an early age, with experience setting up her own brands and stores. We’ve been impressed with her positive spirits and enthusiasm!  

Click below to see Q&A from her experience with BASHI.  

We want to give a big shout out to the selected creator of our very first Opportunity – Divya

We're thankful for the feedback she's given us and would like to share with you all!

What caught your interest in participating in this Opportunity?

Having never had much luck on other online creative platforms that are too saturated – I was excited to see that BASHI offered a fresh take with high quality Opportunities. I approached this brief as an exciting challenge to create something new and interesting and really showcase my aesthetic.